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About Super Mario Flash

The Mario mania is back again. Now with a bigger punch, the Super Mario flash 2 or the SMF2 . It is much same compared to the Halloween version , but still it is different and more lovable. Mario still enjoy his favorite weapon , fireball to finish off his enemies and to fight his way through perilous stages to release his princess from the evil trap. It is an online flash game developed by Pouetpu games. It is the sequel to its predecessor super Mario flash.

The super Mario flash 2 version 2 comes up with a level editor which is a new experience to most of the Mario lovers. It is even possible to share the created levels using level codes. This game is available to play in many websites as well as in Pouetpu games website. The makers of the game relate this game to its predecessor as 'the same with more stuff' .Yes it is indeed , the game includes two tile layers, vertical scrolling, water mode level and auto scrolling levels. Even our hero can carry around things like shells, pow switch and spring boards. Mario is also gifted with more moves by which he can swim, slide, climb vanes, walk on walls and by using his magic cape he can even fly !!!

Super Mario flash 2 has certain differences from Super Mario world such as availability of level editors , a longer star effect etc. But it lacks certain tiles and backgrounds which are found in Super Mario world. All together it has more variety of water tiles , slides and ledges in it. So what are you waiting for ??? Buckle up for the ultimate Super Mario adventure. Just make sure you have the latest version of flash player installed because this game uses flash player to run into the browser. Best of luck!! Happy gaming :)